Dear passengers of Jali Transport Ltd,

We would like to remind you that it is a regulation in the City of Kigali that passengers pay transport fares using a digital payment method of Tap&Go. As Jali Transport Ltd, we are committed to upholding this regulation and providing a convenient and safe way for our passengers to pay their fares and travel across the city.

We kindly ask all our passengers to ensure that they have a Tap&Go card and use it to pay for their transport fare when boarding our buses. This will not only help to streamline the payment process but also reduce the use of cash, which can be a potential source of germs and disease.

We also urge all passengers to ensure they have sufficient funds on their Tap&Go cards before boarding our buses to avoid any inconvenience during their journey. Our conductors will be checking for valid Tap&Go payments, and any passenger without a valid payment will not be allowed to board.

For those who do not have a Tap&Go card, we urge you to obtain one as soon as possible. Tap&Go cards can be purchased at any authorized agent, and they can be topped up with cash or through mobile money.

We kindly request that all passengers to cooperate with this regulation by ensuring that they have a Tap&Go card ready before boarding any of our buses.

We appreciate your cooperation in following this regulation, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with safe, reliable, and efficient transport services.
Thank you for choosing Jali Transport Ltd.