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Mission, Vision & Core Values


To be the most reliable professional transport services provider in Rwanda.


To provide sustainable and most efficient transport services in Rwanda

Core Values

Customer focus : We put the customer at the center of everything we do.
- Collaboration : We value each other and create better outcomes by working together.
- Solutions : We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to our Clients’ transport needs.
- Integrity : We take responsibility of our actions, we are open, honest, and committed to JTL’s objectives.
- Safety : We prioritize safety for our employees, our customers and road users.
- Delivering every day : We understand that our activities make a difference to the lives of thousands of people every day. While we endeavor to perpetual transportation services, we stay focused on getting it right for customers day-per-day. We continually strive to improve the services our customers hold dear by providing safe, sustainable and integrated transport services that connect our customers with people, places and opportunities.


To be the leading and most reliable Transport Services Company in Rwanda providing the most efficient transport services in Kigali and the rest of Rwanda.

Speciffic Objectives

- Build and sustain customer satisfaction and loyalty
- Achieve excellence in delivery of services.

- Optimize productivity and efficiency of head office in service delivery
- Optimize productivity, efficiency and build integrity of drivers in service delivery
- Introduce and maximize the effectiveness of cashless payment solutions on all designated routes
- Acquisition of adequate vehicles on every designated route
- Ensuring that the fleet is well maintained and preserved.